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Marie's Dance Academy

Guideline Information

Students must social distance 

face masks required

Student Dance Class Guidelines 

All student will need to wear a face mask and /or face shield when entering the Dance Academy and during class. Students that cannot exercise with a mask on must wear a face shield. Students need to arrive to class in their dance attire and have their own dance shoes and dance bag.  Students need to sanitize their hands before participating in class. The Dance Academy will provide hand sanitizer. The dressing room will be closed until further notice

Parent / Guardian Studio Guidelines

Parents need to take their child's temperature before coming to class. If the student or anyone in the house hold is sick, the student may not attend class. 

Only parents and siblings of the dancer will be allowed to observe class. All observers over the age of 2 must wear a face mask and /or face shield. No other family members or friends will be allowed inside the dance studio to observe class until further notice